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Bible Timed Test!

Flash-Card Bible is an excellent resource to help you bone up on your Bible verses & Bible trivia. We've got 100 questions to test your knowledge! The first fifty six present a Bible quote & leave it to the user to identify which verse it's from. The last forty four questions cover some general Bible trivia.

But, we're much more than a test. Our algorithm is designed to help you quickly and easily learn & remember the information presented. We target the user to get about 7/10 correct answers & the algorithm adjusts if you go over or below this target. Make sure to tell your friends about Flash-Card Bible!

Bible Timed Test!

If you can pass our Bible timed test , it's proof that you really know your Bible verses & knowledge! When you successfully complete it, our system generates a verification code that you can share with friends to prove you passed. Challenge them to complete it as well!

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