Memory Connections

Memory is based on connections. For example, let's say that you learn about paintings with our art history category and see some Jackson Pollock murals. He was famous for his drip or splatter technique. One day you meet somebody named Kevin Pollock. Do you think you might remember his name better because you associate it with Jackson Pollock? Of course you would!

It always helps to use images as well. You could imagine Kevin Pollock with paint splatter on his face. The bottom line is this: Learn more, and develop more connections to help you remember more.

Make sure you regularly review our Flash-Card News. You'll develop lots of memory connections from the names and short news bytes you review!


Have you ever wondered how contestants on Jeopardy can remember so much? If you could ask them they would tell you that the more they learn, the easier it is to learn more. That's because new information connects to something learned earlier.