Better Attention

Memory experts say that half the battle in memory improvement is simply learning to pay better attention. When you build up a base of knowledge an incredible thing happens. You become more interested in listening & learning and you pay more attention.

Flash-Card News will help you focus more and pay more attention to news. Our team monitors dozens of sources to make sure you're on top of it all. We're set up to track responses from millions of users and rotate the most-forgotten items in more often. Our Flash-Card News is growing rapidly. Try it for just a week, even if you think some of the names & facts aren't important. You'll be ASTOUNDED with the results!

New Mindset!

Regular memorization brings about a new mindset. You go into attention mode quicker. Immediately, you will notice that Flash-Card Mania helps you focus better on the the steady flow of information in today's busy world. Trying is believing!