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Flash-Card Mixology

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Thank you for supporting our Flash-Card Mixology Kickstarter project! We created a hundred fun & popular Mixology Flash-Cards and put them into our famous Flash-Card Mania algorithm. If you're ready to start learning how to mix some drinks, click the button above to start!

Flash-Card Mixology is part of the Flash-Card Mania project, which helps you learn lots of cool things. It's growing quickly! Join the fun by registering a Flash-Card domain about something you're interested in. Raise money on a crowd-sourcing site to create your content & earn money when people utilize your Flash-Cards. Contact us to learn more!

Flash-Card News!

Our Flash-Card News is the best way to keep up on the world. It's the cornerstone of the Flash-Card Mania project that people are starting to talk about. Submit a news item and you'll get a free seven day subscription!