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Domain ownership will be a key aspect of the Flash-Card Mania project. If an owner isn't happy with the features & pricing on the Flash-card Mania Web APP, the owner can transfer the domain to a competitor. Anybody can create a competitive APP and help fuel the mania! By registering a Flash-Card domain, you are becoming a part owner of the Flash-Card Mania movement. As more and more people purchase domains, this project will go viral very quickly!

See below, a list of domains that we believe will be worth lots of money (some in the thousands of dollars). Click link to download a document with more detail about the projected future price of a domain & how you can make money. It's important to know that you can make money without doing anything at all! we can handle everything for you, including helping you register a domain, creating content & helping you to market your domain. Click Here to search for a domain name.

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Flash-Card Baseball Flash-Card Beatles Flash-Card Travel
Flash-Card Pilot Flash-Card Safety Flash-Card Chemistry
Flash-Card California Flash-Card Astronomy Flash-Card Doctor