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To participate in the Alberta Provincial Police Service (APPS) poll, please complete knowledge test. Our Flash-Cards will help you study. Hopefully, our poll results will help influence public opinion in a positive way! See above/below to start Flash-Cards & test.

Click the button above to start learning about the pros and cons of creating an Alberta Provincial Police Service (APPS). When you think you're ready, try out our timed test! Successful completion of the timed test is your key to voting in our online poll.

Our premise is very simple: What if there was a tool to help average citizens quickly and easily learn and understand complex issues? What if it was unbiased and presented information from all sides of an issue? What if users of this tool had to pass a timed-test to prove their understanding of issues before they could express their opinions in the form of an online poll? What if the results of these online polls were published in various media? What if the results of these online polls had a major influence on the voting public?

This tool will is now a reality! It's called Flash-Card Democracy and consists of online Flash-Cards to help users learn & retain detailed information about various issues. A timed test verifies that knowledge was learned & generates a completion code that allows the bearer to participate in online polls

While Flash-Card Democracy polls won't lead to actual policy decisions, they will show the will of a group of citizens that have taken a deep dive into an issue before rendering an informed opinion. They will also have a major influence on the voting public.

Flash-Card Democracy will also serve to give a voice to those people and groups that don't normal receive much attention from the media. For example, in a leadership campaign for a political party, our democracy test would include an equal amount of questions about all candidates. Therefore, those participating in our poll on the candidates would be required to have equal knowledge about all the candidates, their policies, experience, etc.

While still in its infancy, Flash-Card Democracy will soon be registered as a non-profit society and will solicit funds to promote the services we offer and to publish the results of our online polls. While in the process of setting up a non-profit, we will use various crowd-sourcing sites to raise financing.

Trust will play a key role in everything we do. We will strive to make Flash-Card Democracy a credible source of information. Those too busy to examine public issues in detail will grow to trust the wisdom of the people as expressed by our online polls. We hope our system will soon play a huge part in influencing public opinion for the better on a wide array of issues around the world!

To get an idea of how our timed test works, please click here to try our USA Capitals timed test! It will generate a completion code to verify you completed the test and it will present you with an opportunity to challenge a friend. You can also try our two question timed test demo.


In a TED TALK in Canada (Vancouver) in April, 2022, Elon Musk stated:

My strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization. (see video below, starting at 15:40)

He was referring to why he wants to buy Twitter but he could have been talking about Flash-Card Democracy.

Flash-Card Democracy is a new tool to help people make important democratic decisions. In a world full of misinformation, it's becoming more and more difficult for citizens to fully understand various issues and feel confident they are making informed voting choices. This while the problems faced by humanity are becoming more and more complicated and the resources available to deal with them are becoming scarce.

Compounding the situation, it seems that we are more divided than ever before. How many people take the time to really examine the solutions put forward by those on the opposite side of the political fence? COVID-19 only exacerbated the situation with disagreements along the left and right splitting apart friends and family.

Furthermore, trust in governments, media, and institutions has been eroding for years. With so many sources of information and many peddlers of false narratives, the average person has no idea what to believe and who they can trust. In a world full of mistrust, Flash-Card Democracy will be a beacon in the dark!


"As an author on a book of trust, I know the truth is not always out there, that news that gets reported can be one sided, and updates on actual facts behind every story gets short shrift." - Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a friend and the author of the book WHY TRUST ME? MAKING TRUST YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE. He is also one of the most successful political campaign managers in Alberta. His book is what inspired the need to make Flash-Card Democracy a trusted source of influence on the voting putlic.

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